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ClevaFoam® Baby Pillow

Baby Pillow is made of unique patented ClevaFoam which is scientifcally certified that effective to prevent flat head syndrome. Using safe material, execially suitable for baby who has asthma or allergy. With its moderate thickness and airflow technology which makes it a sweet buddy for baby to sleep.

Suitable For: Newborn or above

Unique ClevaFoam:
- Especially designed for baby
- Scientifically certified to reduce 50% pressure from baby's head and enhance 80% support
- Protects baby's head shape and prevents flat head syndrome
- Using safe material, suitable for baby who has asthma or allergy

- Ensure to absorb humid
- Increase air flow
With its moderate thickness which provides more support to baby's head and spine

Material: Pillow Case 100% Polyester
Pillow ClevaFoam (100 Polyurethane)

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